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Today, many governments and multinational corporations regularly talk about their commitments (non-binding and voluntary) to address the climate crisis. Nevertheless, they do not address the dynamics and the system behind this crisis.This issue argues that in order to avoid the collapse of life as we know it, justice, climate justice (for the life –human and non-human– that is being exploited and disappearing), is essential.

Many of the articles of the special issue of the Brennpunkt number 2 "Climate Justice" were originally written or translated to English. Here is the compilation of the articles.





New from around the world

The burning point: climate crisis and climate justice

Glossary of climate justice terms

Revisiting conventional beliefs

Horizon of possibilities: territorial anchoring and freedom of movement

And in Luxembourg? Once upon a time in the Grand Duchy

Crossed interview about... climate justice

Where to start?

Vision of the artist: Amelia Lovo

To go further