Brennpunkt Drëtt Welt is an open space for expression that aims to question the issues related to what is called “development”. What are the facets of the current model and who benefits from it? Are there alternatives? What kind of development are we aiming for? The debate is open…

In order to be able to explore certain issues in greater depth and present different points of view on the same subject, each issue includes a „dossier“. Depending on the theme of your article, it may be published as part of the dossier or outside the dossier.

The editorial team will evaluate whether your article can be selected and when it will be published. You can send your suggestions for topics to

Editorial line

Brennpunkt seeks to present critical perspectives on current issues as they affect questions of development rather than purely descriptive or factual accounts of specific situations. In particular, we look for articles and interviews that provide depth, reflection and critical analysis on development issues, how development is influenced by policy decisions on a global, European and national level in Luxembourg and on the links to our way of life in Luxembourg and Europe. Brennpunkt encourages a thought-provoking and respectful dialogue about development issues and we welcome reactions to our published articles in the form of letters to the editor.


  • The recommended length for the articles is max. 12,000 characters (spaces included).
  • Articles must include a title (max 6 words), an introduction paragraph (3 to 4 sentences) and headings.
  • References must appear at the end.
  • The article must be delivered in an editable electronic format (preferably unformatted).


If you have photos or images that could accompany your article, feel free to send them to us with your text and provide us with copyright information.


The copyright belongs to you. If your text was first published in our magazine and you wish to publish your contribution elsewhere, please refer to Brennpunkt Drëtt Welt.