Raquel Luna –

The unprecedented and uncharted territory in which our life system, Earth, stands today is far beyond a wake-up call. The now, is collapse, just as science accurately predicted. The question is about the extent of that ongoing unstoppable collapse.


In that regard, the COP26 is critical. It is an exposition of the highest instances of governmental power and corporate power unable to build worldwide solidarity or common ground or common concern. The dynamics of the COP26 repeat itself within our capitalistic collectives, communities, nations, and regions. Even the scientific solutions are biased and insufficient. The worldview of the “hidra capitalista” is eating itself and eating us all with it.


And so it is, that we must question: Will the COP seriously discuss what must be done to compensate what was not done yesterday, the year before, the decades before. After more than 25 years, is the COP mature enough to include all voices and question capitalism and the power structures? Will the COP remain captured in the business-as-usual, non-participatory, non-democratic, non-representative decision processes to non-binding agreements? Will the COP be speeches and photo-shoots plagued with lack and flaws? An unfortunate expensive polluting display of loud colorful fireworks that vanish just as they appeared?

Let us remember what we are experiencing: record-breaking temperatures after record-breaking temperatures. The environmental disasters. The crops drying, drowning, freezing: dying. The consequent water and food shortages across the world. The hiking food, energy, and water prices. Extinction. The ongoing desperate migration of life. The adverse living conditions. The consequent increase of tension through political and social strife.

Expect more of it. All of it. Increasing. Exponentially. On a worldwide scale.

Only six articles are presented in the dossier and they touch criticisms to the current dynamics at the highest spheres of capitalism… given the state of the Earth. The articles in “Perspectives” might seem about other issues. They are not. It is the extension of the same “hidra capitalista” with regards to food, vaccines, energy, migration, among others. Upon closer look, all articles talk about the same existential problem on different scales and contexts.

And, if the COP fails, again. What are we to do? We must rise above the COP and rise in unity… Simply because there is no other option for life as we know it.