Show me what democracy looks like!

9 May 2021 - Dossier

Birgit Engel – More and more environmental lawsuits reveal a lack of access to justice for individuals and organizations in national and international courts. Citizens have to fight in court for what multinational corporations have been handed on a silver platter by numerous Free Trade Agreements: the possibility to sue for economic damages caused by …Read More

The Myth of A Nation / Excerpt of AMERICANA

8 May 2021 - Dossier

  Thea Matthews is an American-born poet, educator, and author of African and Indigenous Mexican descent. Born in San Francisco, California, she earned her B.A. in Sociology at UC Berkeley where she studied and taught June Jordan’s program Poetry for the People led by Aya de Leon. She has experience with community organizing and activism …Read More

Grasping a decolonized notion of democracy

7 May 2021 - Dossier

        Raquel Luna – This article reviews the notion of “earth democracy” 2 advocated by the Indian scholar and environmentalist activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva. The definition of earth democracy is “the freedom for all species to evolve within the web of life, and the freedom and responsibility of humans, as members of …Read More

Exploring alternatives – Building grassroots democracy in India

6 May 2021 - Dossier

Pallav Das – It has been thirty years since India began liberalizing its economy due to a balance of payment crisis in 1991. While there is too much hype in the media about the advancement made by the country in this period, the reality is alarmingly different. The Indian cities are severely polluted, the ecology …Read More

The role of public development banks: Crossed interview with Counter Balance and European Investment Bank (EIB)

14 February 2021 - Dossier

Inteview by Raquel Luna and Antoniya Argirova Counter Balance is a coalition of 9 NGOs whose mission is to make European public finance a key driver of the transition towards socially and environmentally sustainable and equitable societies. Over the last decade, they have monitored extensively the operations of the European Investment Bank (EIB).The EIB is …Read More

Should ADB refocus to take account of critical development needs?

- Dossier

Antonio Tujan Jr., IBON Philippines –  The COVID-19 pandemic has become a defining moment for the millennium. It adds to the existential crises that the world faces, along with the threats to human society and nature from climate change and the threat of nuclear conflict. As the COVID19 pandemic rages around the world, developing country …Read More

Farmers’ protests in India: “The farmers at the gates of Delhi are the frontline troops of a larger struggle”

- Perspectives

Julie Smit – Since November 2020, thousands of Indian farmers have been camping out in protest against the adoption in September 2020 of three controversial farming laws aimed at liberalising and deregulating the agriculture sector. The government maintains that they will lead to economic improvements for farmers, but farmers’ unions are strongly opposed to the …Read More

World food systems at the crossroads

10 November 2020 - Dossier

Julie Smit – How corporate agribusiness is trying to take control of our food and agriculture systems. The latest report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN “The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World”1 stated that the number of people affected by hunger globally has been increasing since 2014. …Read More

„There is a real danger that COVID-19 could become an epidemic that divides the world“

29 July 2020 - Interview

Mark Heywood is a South African human rights and social justice activist based in Johannesburg. He was one of the founders of the Treatment Action Campaign that led the successful fight for access to medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa between 1998 and 2008. In 2010 he co-founded SECTION 27, a public …Read More

„This is a key moment to ensure that the vital transition to a low- carbon economy is both fast and fair”

20 April 2020 - Uncategorized

  Interview with Marti Flacks, Deputy Director & Head of North America Office of Business and Human rights Resource Centre   The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has launched various projects about the impact of renewable energy on human rights. Why has the organisation decided to work on this topic? Climate change is one …Read More