National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) – A look at the process in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg

4 October 2023 - Perspectives

Noelami Dubeta, box about Luxembourg: Cédric Reichel – Without thorough and inclusive multi-level governance planning, there is little chance the European Union (EU) can reach climate neutrality. Close alignment between national policies and the recommendations of local authorities is a must. A key way to foster such alignment is through collaboration on the National Energy …Read More

Using Kurdish statelessness to rethink citizenship

- Dossier

Julie Smit – In her article ‘Stateless citizenship: ‘radical democracy as consciousness-raising’ in the Rojava revolution’[1], the Kurdish sociologist Dilar Dirik describes the concept of radical democratic citizenship and criticism of the ‘nation-state’ in the context of the Rojava Revolution, which she describes as “an ongoing society-building effort that emerged in majority Kurdish regions in …Read More

Twist with Destiny

- Dossier

Aseem Kshirsagar – On the eve of India’s independence, on 14 August 1947, the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, delivered one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century, “Tryst with Destiny”. The speech embodies the high spirits of the freedom struggle and the ambition to create a new India and a …Read More

“Buckle up… Now is the time to continue strong advocacy and activism work”

20 September 2023 - Interview

Interview with Jordanne Edwards by Raquel Luna – Jordanne Edwards is a social worker and international development professional. As a doctoral student in social work and community-based interventions at the Institute for Social Research and Interventions at the University of Luxembourg, she is conducting research with NGOs to explore the emergence of socio-political trauma. Before …Read More

We celebrate 50 years!

13 June 2023 - Uncategorized

Celebrate with us and subscribe to Brennpunkt! It’s an invitation to join in the reflections and discussions, to broaden our perspectives, to share the Brennpunkt. If you live in the Greater Region, subscribing and receiving free printed issues of Brennpunkt is very simple: please send an e-mail requesting subscription to, indicating your interest, your …Read More

Brazil is suffering from “chemical colonialism”

8 June 2023 - Perspectives

Asymmetrical Free Trade Agreements (FTA) use pesticides as new colonial goods. The population of the Mercosur countries suffers greatly from chemical violence, as shown by the large number of people who have already been poisoned by substances developed and often sold by countries of the European Union. But trade between South American countries and the …Read More

Feed for Industrial Aquaculture

- Perspectives

RALLT, Red por América Latina Libre de Transgénicos (Network for a Latin America free from GMOs) – Text published in the book “Conversemos de soberanía alimentaria, agronegocio y agricultura campesina” (Let’s talk about food sovereignty, agribusiness and peasant farming)1. The book was published with the funds and support of Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM). When …Read More

A reflection on care, waste and economic growth

- Dossier

Raquel Luna – This reflection is driven by the disturbing and contrasting image of impeccable cleanliness in the global North and that of general dirt and waste in the global South. [1] Is it the case that the global South is generally lazy, ignorant, uneducated, dirty, and careless? Is it the case that the global …Read More

“The big environmental challenges of our time have a common root in the way modern economies are organized”

7 June 2023 - Interview

Interview with Francesco Sarracino by Raymond Wagener – Climate change is creating a whole range of problems, jeopardising our planet’s biodiversity and causing social injustices. It is in this context that the Plaidons Responsable team of Caritas Luxembourg organized a cycle of 4 lunch debates with Francesco Sarracino in October and November 2022. Francesco is …Read More

The Encroachment of Big Tech and Agribusiness on our Food Systems

23 February 2023 - Dossier

The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group) has been tracking corporate concentration in food and agriculture related sectors using the market share of companies for the last four decades. The agrifood sector is more heavily concentrated and consolidated than ever. 25 years ago, the top 10 companies in the seed sector controlled …Read More