Hors-série Brennpunkt nº1 : The Call to Decolonize (in English)

12 January 2023 - Hors-série

There is a latent urgency to find other ways of being in the world to respond to what appears in the global North as the climate crisis of the Anthropocene. This special issue focuses on the call to decolonize in the global South by and with Indigenous peoples. Many of the magazine articles of the …Read More

Crossed interview about… buen vivir

22 November 2022 - Hors-série

The call to decolonize and the action of decolonizing are not one but many. They are expressed in different parts of the world as sister philosophies that defend the value of life beyond human life, ecocentrism, the idea of a pluriverse, solidarity, justice, human rights, the struggle for autonomy and self-determination. Many acknowledge the need …Read More

Decolonized Glossary

- Hors-série

This glossary consists of brief, general definitions of key concepts as they are understood in decolonial thought. It is not meant to be exhaustive or in-depth.   “The ideology and practice of maximizing profits and wealth for the benefit of a handful of people at the top of a racial hierarchy, by extracting this wealth …Read More

Where to begin?

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System change is not only about policy and infrastructure change. It is also about changing how people think, what they identify with, how they feel and what are the accepted social norms, narratives, etc. – Kera Sherwood O’Reagan   According to Kera Sherwood O’Reagan[1], decolonizing (as a social and political collective process) implies transforming all …Read More

Horizon of possibilities : Buen Vivir

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There are many expressions of the call to decolonize and one of them comes from Latin America and their buen vivir. ***Chapter “Buen Vivir” from “Pluriverse, A Post-Development Dictionary” (September 2022) by Mónica Chuji, Grimaldo Rengifo, Eduardo Gudynas. Edited by Ashish Kothari, Ariel Salleh, Arturo Escobar, Federico Demaria, Alberto Acosta. The category of buen vivir …Read More

Revisiting conventional beliefs

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Nelson Maldonado-Torres affirms that we “breath coloniality all the time and every day”. The following events, historical figures and scientific examples challenge common “knowledge” and decolonize it.   1.Today, the most famous and widely used world map is the Mercator map (cylindrical map projection) created by cartographer and geographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. This world …Read More


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The topic of our first issue, “the call to decolonize” is vast in terms of voices, geographies, and literature. We had to make tough choices: either cover one perspective/initiative from a given time and geographic region or try to capture the common ground across languages and regions. We chose the second option: to share the …Read More

The burning point: The call to decolonize

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Raquel Luna – Our highly globalized world ails of overlapping systemic crisis. For a start, inequality, poverty, polarization, and racism are on the rise. Inflation, civil unrest and the risk of war expands. Both are fuelled by the accelerating environmental crisis of climate, biodiversity, ocean, and soil,[1] product of the ever expanding extractivism. Pollution and …Read More


21 November 2022 - Hors-série

CITIM is celebrating its 40th anniversary and with that, the Brennpunkt Drëtt Welt special edition comes to life to dwell on the big issues common to our work at ASTM and CITIM. This special edition represents a change from the usual issues we publish. The special edition focuses on a particular theme and aims to …Read More

News from around the world

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Voices surrounding the call to decolonize, those in mainstream media and outside of it. Roundtable: Amid Tributes to Queen Elizabeth, Deadly Legacy of British Colonialism Cannot Be Ignored “We still have a world order in which, both in Britain and in the colonies, there is enormous concentration of wealth and power in the hands of …Read More