What became of the COVAX dream?

24 February 2022 - Dossier

Alena Ilanova, Global Justice UK – On 15 January 2022 COVAX marked a key milestone – its first 1 billion vaccines delivered[i]. However, the occasion left access to medicines campaigners and experts feeling cold. What happened to COVAX’s lofty goals and was its failure all but guaranteed from the outset? The world ushered in the …Read More

Eduardo Gudynas’ analysis on the role of business at the COP26

- Dossier

Raquel Luna – The following is a summary of the report “Negotiating Climate Change: the Ongoing Failure of Conventional Politics”1 by Eduardo Gudynas published on 3.12.2021. Although the report reviews the general outcomes and dynamics of the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, the focus of this summary is on the trends and dynamics of the involvement …Read More

A Short Chronicle of the Zapatista “Travesía por la Vida”

- Dossier

collective Let’zapatistas – On 22.06.2021, the ship La Montaña touched land in Vigo, Spain for the Travesía por la Vida, Journey for Life. The Zapatista expedition Escuadrón 421, composed of four women, two men and one otroa, renamed Europe, Slumil K’ajxemk’op (Insubmissive Land, Tierra Insumisa) to mark their arrival as a symbol of a reverse …Read More

The Great Reset – more than a conspiracy theory?

- Dossier

Julie Smit – When World Economic Forum founder and current Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, and the British Prince of Wales jointly announced “The Great Reset” as the theme of a “unique twin summit to be held in Davos in January 2021”, it gave rise to a profusion of outlandish conspiracy theories. However, a closer analysis …Read More

Finance and Human Rights: How Sustainable is the Luxembourg Financial Centre?

- Dossier

Nadine Haas – Both public and private actors praise the Luxembourg financial centre as a leader in sustainability. Whether this is true or not, there is a fundamental problem with the understanding of sustainability, which, for these actors seems to refer mainly to the environment and climate. When it comes to human rights, however, their …Read More

The Conferences of the Parties – a brief history of suppression

- Perspectives

Birgit Engel – Rather than raising binding commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions to a new and higher level, COP26 increased the massive inequality gap between the countries of the Global North and South. According to an assessment made by the Indian Center for Science and Environment (CSE), of the eight topics on the Glasgow …Read More

The United Nations Food Systems Summit: Jeopardising the future of our food systems and the role of the UN system?

2 November 2021 - Perspectives

Julie Smit – In the November 2020 edition of the brennpunkt[1], we reported about the concerns of civil society that so far the preparatory process for the UN Food Systems Summit scheduled for 2021 lacked transparency, inclusiveness and accountability mechanisms and was being dominated by the private sector. Various appeals from civil society for improvements …Read More

Human rights defenders: Breakfast Sessions

- Perspectives

Julie Smit – NGO partners in the Global South have suffered various forms of repression, including threats, criminalisation, illegal arrests, physical attacks and even assassination related to their human rights work. Such attacks have increased rapidly in recent years, as civil society organisations step up their resistance to the activities of multinational companies and governments …Read More

5 reasons to support the European Citizens’ Initiative No Profit On Pandemic

- Perspectives

Oxfam France – A year ago, the European Union was heading towards a second period of strict lockdown measures to protect its population from the coronavirus. Now there is hope: several effective COVID-19 vaccines have arrived. But not for everyone. By September 2021, the richest nations, which make up just 13% of the world’s population, …Read More

Bridging the Gap between North and South

- Dossier

Interview with Ivan Phell Enrile, Climate Justice programme manager of IBON International and Wendel Trio, director of CAN Europe – Ivan Phell Enrile is the Climate Justice programme manager of IBON International. Prior to their joining IBON International, they were the policy officer of Asia Pacific Research Network and campaign coordinator of People Over Profit. …Read More