Responsible Business Conduct: a new EU directive and the stakes of its transposition into Luxembourg legislation

29 February 2024 - Dossier

Nadine Haas – Last December, the European institutions agreed on the main outlines of the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). The stated objective of this directive is “to foster sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour and to anchor human rights and environmental considerations in companies’ operations and corporate governance”.[1] While the directive has been …Read More

Hors-série Brennpunkt nº2 : Climate Justice (in English)

27 February 2024 - Hors-série

Today, many governments and multinational corporations regularly talk about their commitments (non-binding and voluntary) to address the climate crisis. Nevertheless, they do not address the dynamics and the system behind this crisis.This issue argues that in order to avoid the collapse of life as we know it, justice, climate justice (for the life –human and …Read More


- Hors-série

This special issue of the brennpunkt dwells on climate justice, but first let us define what climate justice aims to address: the climate crisis. The Glossary for Climate Justice (Latin American and Caribbean Platform for Climate, June 2022) describes the climate crisis as: “The climate has always changed. However, modern anthropogenic activity, rooted in fossil-fuel-based …Read More

Glossary of climate justice terms

22 February 2024 - Hors-série

[ justice climatique | Klimagerechtigkeit | climate justice ] The concept has been widely used to highlight the unequal historical responsibility that countries and communities bear for the climate crisis. It states that the countries, industries, corporations, and people who have become wealthy by emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases have a responsibility to support …Read More

Vision de l’artiste: Amelia Lovo

- Hors-série

Amelia Lovo is a young emerging female artist from Erromango Island in Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific. She uses traditional patterns including tapa making and painting on tapa using colored soil and acrylic. The traditional patterns she uses come from her ancestors. Amelia comes from a family of artists. She started …Read More

And in Luxembourg? Once upon a time in the Grand Duchy

21 February 2024 - Hors-série

Is Luxembourg’s financial climate policy the fairy tale it pretends to be? Do the national contributions to the Green Climate Fund correspond to the country’s responsibility  in the International Financial Architecture of the UN? Some insights into the numbers and ethics of a small country that often wants to be named among the big global …Read More

Where to start?

- Hors-série

“Research in various disciplines shows that it is not private action or individual attitudes  that matter, but our collective action in the public sphere.”  [1]  Raquel Luna, Isabel Pitz – Individual behavior, although necessary, is far from enough: the AR6 Synthesis Report Climate Change 2023 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calls for …Read More

Crossed interview about… climate justice

2 February 2024 - Hors-série

A large part of the struggle for climate justice takes place in the global South. We share two perspectives, one from the Philippines in the Western Pacific Ocean and one from Brazil in Latin America. Maria Rowena A. Buena has been with Masipag (Farmer Scientist Partnership for Development) for 23 years and has spent many years in …Read More

Horizon des possibles : territorial anchoring and freedom of movement

30 January 2024 - Hors-série

Née au Maroc, Fatima Ouassak est politiste et essayiste, elle est également militante écologiste dans les quartiers populaires de la région de Paris. Fatima Ouassak – The reality of climate crisis is well documented and supported by figures. The scientific facts are both reliable and dramatic, because they teach us the irreversibility of the catastrophe …Read More

Nouvelles du monde : climate justice

29 January 2024 - Hors-série

Les voix autour de la justice climatique dans les médias dominants et en dehors.   La santé plombée par le réchauffement : les projections du Giec déjà dépassées Les vagues de chaleur intenses rendent perceptibles, à l’échelle individuelle, les nombreux risques qui pèsent sur la santé en raison du dérèglement climatique. Des études scientifiques de plus …Read More